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A video on the name and history

Display showing the procession to the shrine

Diorama showing the life of a charcoal producer

From the peak of Heisu Mountain, a nearly complete samurai household was unearthed. See a diorama of that time period.

Six bronze bells used in Yayoi-era festivals have been unearthed here.


A mechanized bush warbler greets you in the entryway.

Learn about the origin of Minabe River.

Learn why Minabe is Japan’s top ume growing region.

See the ume forest whether it’s blossom season or not.

We introduce 50 of the 300 or so varieties of ume flowers.

The volcanic rock of Minabe’s hills is the perfect place for ume to grow. Local artisans turn nodules in this geologic formation, called Uridani-ishi, into wonderful pieces of art. See a large one on display.

Learn about the science of ume.

See three key episodes of ume history in 3D pictures.

See edible umeboshi as old as 100 years.