Higashi Iwashiro Hachiman Shrine

History / Culture / Festival

At Higashiiwashiro Hachiman Shrine, the largest tree in the town, Ogusu, a cultural property designated by the town is towering up.
At the autumn festival in October (held on the Sunday before ” Sports Day”), children’s dance will be held together with Nishiiwashiro Hachiman Shrine.

At the autumn festival of Higashiiwashiro Hachiman Shrine (held on the day before Sports Day), children under 6th grade dance performance are dedicated. (God-friendly shark dance, hand-crafted dance, hurray dance, and sword dance). The origin of the dance was that Kyogen was dedicated around the Keicho era, but around the Genroku era, entertainers were invited from above to dedicate today’s move.


Autumn festival : Held on the day before Sports Day

Address : 561 Higashi-iwashiro Minabe-town Hidaka-gun , Wakayama
Phone number : 0739-74-8787