Nishi Iwashiro Hachiman Shrine

History / Culture / Festival

The revolving stage (Nagadoko) of Nishiiwashiro Hachiman Shrine is a stage dedicated to the child dance of the prefecture-designated intangible folk cultural property at the time of the festival. Previously, it was also the stage for the plays of young people and travelers. It is a large building with 7 girders and 4 girders, and has the oldest long floor in Wakayama prefecture with a stage that was rebuilt in 1890.

At the Autumn festival, children under 6th grade dance performance are dedicated. Senbonzakura, flower cherry blossoms, fan dance, black-haired dance, and troupe dance are performed. The origin of the dance was that Kyogen was dedicated around the Keicho era, but around the Genroku era, entertainers were invited from above to dedicate today’s move.


Autumn festival : Held on the day before Sports Day

Address : 523 Nishi-iwashiro Minabe-town Hidaka-gun , Wakayama
Phone number : 0739-74-8787