The legendary God’s island

History / Culture / Activity

Once upon a time in Edo, when the eighth general Yoshimune Tokugawa held the Kishu domain, Japan’s largest earthquake, the Hoei Earthquake, hit the Japanese archipelago. Subsequently, a low tide occurred along the Pacific coast followed by a huge tsunami, and the nearby villages suffered disastrous damage. According to the records at that time, a huge demon fire appeared from Kashima island, and the island divided the tsunami into two and protected Minabe No Sato (village). The Kashima Dedication Fireworks Festival celebrates this event.


The moment you see the sun on the horizon or in the mountains in the distance
Beauty that cannot be expressed in words. The view from the ocean is spectacular.

If you want to be dropped off on Kashima Island you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, camping, and fishing, all year round.
You may even have the beach to yourself.

Follow the manners and please be sure to take your garbage home.


Cruising fee
Over 16 years old 1,500yen  / Under 1,000yen  (tax inc)

Boat fee
Women : 3,000yen  Men : 4,000yen / Camping over night 4,000yen (tax inc)

Boat 090-9048‐4889(Wadama Tosen / Boat)

Kashima 0739‐72‐4573(Kashima shrine)