Kashima shrine

History / Culture / Festival

The object of worship here is said to have been brought from Kashima Jingu in Hitachi Province (Ibaraki Prefecture) in the Nara Period (710-794).  The locals say that the god here protected Minabe from the Hoei and Kaei earthquake tsunamis. It’s on a small island with limited access and no other buildings.

Protections: disaster control, fortune in war, prosperity of descendants, successful victory, pregnancy/childbirth

This festival in Minabe bay on August 1st every year started about 300 years ago in 1708. The locals hold it to show their gratitude for the god and island of Kashima dividing the waves of the great tsunami on Oct. 28, 1707 (4th year of the Hoei Era) and saving the town of Minabe.

The autumn festival (held on the 3rd Sunday of October every year) includes a Mikoshi portable shrine, Taiko drumming, Shishimai Chinese lion dances, and the “Southern Road Procession” (once every three years) which is designated as a town intangible folk cultural property. Of course there are food and game stalls. 


Fireworks : August 1st 8p – 9p (launched about 1,800fireworks)

Autumn festival : Every 3rd Sunday of October

Address : 20 Haneta MInabe-town Hidaka-gun , Wakayama
Phone number : 0739-72-4573