Bouldering experience

Acitvity / Extreme sports


It is a bouldering facility in the gym of the former Kiyokawa Junior High School in Minabe Town. The artificial wall is about 5m high and about 20m wide. There are some overhanging parts and about 30 routes are set according to the difficulty level.

You can lend to groups of 10 or more (including trial use) with a fee.(open on weekends)

Please check the official website of for schedule for more information.

Fee : 200yen (Free under 18)
Rental shoes : 100yen (50yen for under 18)

Facility :
Umenosato bouldering wall (Kiyokawa bouldering)

Address :
2202 Kiyokawa Minabe-town Hidaka-gun , Wakayama

Phone number :

Opening hours :
Mon – Fri  7p – 10p (Until 8p for children)
Sat 6p – 10pm (Until 8p for children)

Please contact for more information