Marine Sports

Acitvity / Marine sports

Let's enjoy marine sports in the beautiful sea of Minabe, Wakayama!

It is a course where inexperienced people, family and friends can easily enjoy the underwater world.

You can rest assured that the instructor will help you kindly and politely even if you are not very confident.

Enjoy diving in about 3 hours including explanation and preparation time. Come stop by for a short fun while you are in Minabe!

Diving trial : 10,000yen (plus tax)
Snorkeling : 8,000yen (plus tax)
Paddle board : 4,000yen per person / 6,000yen for two (plus tax)


Shop :
Diving Service Sunmarine

Address :
1421-20 Haneta Minabe-town Hidaka-gun , Wakayama

Phone number :

Opening hours :
8:00a – 

Must be over 10 years old and healthy
Please contact for more information