Kumano Kodo, the world-famous ecotourism destination pilgrimage route, goes through Minabe. While not registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this stretch is just as beautiful and a must-see for anyone wanting to know more about the history of the area or hike the rugged Kishu hills. More

Experience & Activity

Minabe offers a wide range of workshops, activities, and recreation! In "The Number One Ume Town of Japan" you can participate in the ume harvest or make your own ume juice in a workshop. We can also introduce you to bouldering, scuba diving, and paddleboarding facilities. To enjoy the outdoors you can hike the Kodo, join a stargazing event, do a forest workshop, and more! More


We wonder if you've ever tasted food this fresh! Straight from the mountains and straight from the sea, Minabe's amazing ingredients pop with flavor and texture. Of course they are served in exquisite meals or as fun bar food. Join the many travelers who say that their best meal in Japan was in Wakayama! More


Our hot spring baths are a gift from nature. Relax your body and soul with a long soak. More


As Japan's top ume producing town, Minabe offers a variety of umeboshi (salted pickled ume plums), cookies, candies, umeshu (ume liqueur), ice cream, and more. We use Kishu Nanko-ume, which is Japan's premium variety of ume, grown exclusively in southern Wakayama. Treat yourself and take some home for your friends and family! More