Iso fishing / Kashima cruising

Acitvity / Marine sports

Experience fishing and the cruising in the beautiful Minabe sea!

There is a ferry to Kashima main island in the Minabe bay. It is attractive that you can enjoy swimming, camping, fishing, etc. like a private beach.

You can’t miss this!

Cruising fee : Over 15years old 1,500yen / Under 1,000yen (tax inc)

Ferry fee : Women 3,000yen / Men 4,000yen (tax inc)

Camping fee : 4,000yen for 2 days

Bento box : 700yen (tax inc)

Shop :
Wadama Tosen(boat) & Rin

Address :
1171-1 Haneta Minabe-town Hidaka-gun , Wakayama

Phone number :

Opening hours :
Daybreak –

This is the facility where you can experience rock fishing and cruise.
Please contact the facility (store) in advance when making a reservation